Enjoy your freedoms this Constitution Day

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

The constitution was signed in 1787, that was the first step in a long trek towards freedom and the fight against tyranny. Many gave up their lives and lost loved one's to create a country that allows men and women to pursue happiness, rather than being forced to provide happiness to powerful people or politicians in exchange for a possible reward. We the people in this Constitutional Republic are the government, rather than serving one or a few people in control, we the people are in control.

We also have checks and balances in letting those with influential power, whether they be the minority or majority, from bullying or controlling those without. Not to mention that if the government ever goes rouge or splits (say like a civil war) the people are given the right to bear arms against any hostile threats from within or without of this great country. The last civil war America fought in was against the over reaching political powers of a terrorist group the KKK and the party of slavery the Democratic party. Luckily The Americans and republicans for freedom and the abolition of slavery prevailed, thus creating better and more advanced technology and efficient factories/energy through individual rights and freedoms. This of course did not mean the end of racism and prejudice, some people still hold onto their hate and evil views. Thankfully no one has the right to infringe on others rights based on their own views so people can easily fight against those who may seek to control their God given freedoms whether it be from without or within.

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