Issues & Political Concerns



•    There needs to be accountability of where our tax dollars are being spent and how much is being spent. That means we need a lot more honesty.
•    Every level of government is TAX PAYER funded! There is no such thing as government funded. 
•    Taxes should be lower because more money in the tax payers pocket helps all Texans to keep more of their hard earned money for taking care of their families and starting a business.
•    Government officials should not be able to vote themselves more benefits or bigger paychecks especially when they have not used the money for the Texas/American citizens.
•    Limited government, smaller government, tax reform, and term limits are a good start.
•    When Texas legislators cannot get the facts straight like on HB 3 then it is time to elect those of us who will read the bills, debate these bills, demand that anyone in our district/Texas can read these bills, understand them, and decide if these bills are what is best for the tax payer that legislators represent. 
•    There should be no catering to special interest groups. Legislation should be considered based on what is best for the Texas tax paying citizens.


•    College campuses should have the right to religious freedom and free speech.
•    I support Texas college admissions to be based on merit.
•    Public schools and charter schools should have accountability and transparency to local parents, taxpayers, and the State of Texas.
•    The Department of Education should be abolished and prohibit the transfer of any of its functions to any other federal agency.
•    I agree the State Legislature should pass a law prohibiting the teaching of sex education, sexual health, or sexual choice, or identity in any public school, in any grade or any other agency providing materials for teaching any of these.  Until this goes into effect, sexual education should teach abstinence outside of marriage. 
•    Nonpublic school parents should be able to join extracurricular activities free from government testing, intrusive government oversight, or harmful school policies like gender-mixed bathrooms or shower facilities. 
•    Public schools should not infringe on Texas school students or staffs rights to pray and to practice their religious freedom.


•    We need to enforce our border laws and make sure our policy keeps American people safe and free.
•    Each issue should be addressed individually, not hidden in another ‘Comprehensive” package.
•    We should Transition to a merit-based system, ending birthright citizenship, and chain migration.
•    End the visa lottery.
•    Close loopholes that shield illegitimate asylum claimants and overwhelm immigration courts.
•    Promote successful integration.
•    Build the wall.

The Right to Self-Defense

•    Lawful/Constitutional Gun ownership protects us from those who intend to do harm and against tyranny by our own government.
•    Elected officials should resist the narrative that the solution to every problem is less freedom and more regulation. One good example is private gun sales. 
•    I oppose governmental, state-mandated location restrictions or Gun free zones.
•    I oppose any monitoring system that would deprive someone of their right to keep and bear arms without being convicted of a crime or being found mentally incompetent by a medical psychiatric professional. No red flag laws!
•    I oppose any program that causes gun owners to be investigated by law enforcement or appear before a judge when there is no reasonable cause of a crime committed.
•     I oppose increased background checks, as they are prone to “false positives” and hinder law-abiding citizen’s ability to defend themselves, rather than reduce crime.