Lynette Lucas: For Texas State House Representative

Committed. Constitutional. Conservative.


Lynette Lucas

Candidate for Texas State House District 72
Election is March 3, 2020/ Early voting is 2/18/2020


I am a life time Republican running for House Representative in Texas District 72. I have been married to my husband for 30 years and we raised four sons and have added a wonderful daughter-in-law. I like to volunteer, serve others, actively participate in preserving our freedom, and I am a local photographer.  Currently my husband and I lead the protestant music at our Air Force Base

I am for our First and Second Amendment rights. Our religious freedom and free speech are very important to protect and make sure all of us stay free here in Texas and in America.

I am 100% for the right to life. The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness/property is for everyone at every stage of life.

I am for legal immigration and enforcing our border laws.

I am for term limits.

I am for private property rights. Private Property as the founders intended is talents, abilities, and land.

I am for less spending, limited government, free markets, a strong national defense, and tax reform. Every level of government gets their money from us taxpayers, and we should know where that money is being spent and if our money is being spent wisely. We cannot leave our future generations with all this debt. I am for parental rights and a good education that teaches reading, writing, history, science, and math without false narratives. Many of our tax dollars go to education and there needs to be accountability of where those tax dollars are going.  I also support parents being the only ones teaching their kids about intimate relationships. Take a look at how much the administrators make.

I am for traditional American values like honesty, individual liberty, and personal responsibility.


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